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Results of a survey conducted by the BASW mental health reference group on the experiences of social workers working in multi-disciplinary mental health teams, or those who have worked in them and now have been transferred to working within local authorit

A recent survey undertaken by BASW confirms previous concerns about the demise of Multi-Disciplinary Mental Health Teams (MDTs) and the impact that this is having upon service users. Members of BASW’s Mental Health Reference Group undertook the survey following reports from members concerned about the abolition of some multi-disciplinary teams and the ending of some section 75 agreements.1 The survey provides a snap shot into the current working of MDTs across England. The study does not claim to be an academic piece of research, but has the validity of representing the views of a significant number of practitioners working across many of the mental health trusts and local authorities in England. The findings are concerning regarding the future of mental health services & the impact upon service users reliant upon interdisciplinary working & support from a ‘one stop’ service.