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Requirements for registration with the Care Quality Commission

Response to consultations on fundamental standards, the Duty of Candour and the fit and proper persons requirement for directors

The publication of the Francis Inquiry report instigated a great many changes to the health and adult social care system. Our aim throughout has been to give people the confidence that they will be given the best and safest care, that those who provide care are up to the job and, where they are not, that improvements will be made and providers held to account for poor standards of care.

We know that throughout the health and care sector people do receive safe, effective and compassionate care delivered by dedicated staff. But we also know that regulatory standards provide an important protection for people, as well as a means for addressing poor care where it does occur. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is overhauling its approach to inspection, introducing new specialist inspection teams, targeting its regulatory activity at those providers where there is the greatest cause for concern and looking at the performance of providers over and above compliance with legal requirements. The changes to the regulatory framework that the Department of Health is making will support CQC to be a more effective regulator, that is better able to protect patients and service users from the risks associated with poor health and adult social care.