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Regulating social work education (2001-12)

Learning Report

The report provides an overview of the data that the GSCC gathered during its regulation of initial social work training. This includes summary data regarding the courses the GSCC approved, the students who enrolled onto these courses and the results that these students achieved. Data on practice placements, periods of assessed work-based learning that all social work students must undertake as part of their studies, are also presented. Some of the challenges that the GSCC encountered during its regulation of social work education are also highlighted.

The report also looks at how the GSCC regulated higher education institutions’ delivery of the social work degree. The GSCC always strove to improve the way it worked, both as a result of its own experience and in relation to developments in best-practice in regulation. The changes that were made to the way it regulated are discussed here.

This is one of a number of learning reports produced by the GSCC as part of its closure and transfer programme.