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The Red Book 2012

The annual review of the impact of spending decisions on vulnerable children and families

The purpose of the Red Book, published annually on the anniversary of the Coalition Government’s first Spending Review, is to ensure the public and policy makers are aware of the real life impact of our current economic circumstances, and also to highlight ways in which far more could be achieved for the investment
available. We have surveyed the impact of spending changes over the past year on those who receive Action for Children services and have then considered this in the light of significant research which has taken place in the same period.

We have not only highlighted the immediate impact of on-going policy and spending decisions but also assessed their unintended consequences and longer-term implications. To this end The Red Book 2012 outlines the policy context within which we are working. It recognises th Coalition Government’s wider policy objectives that aim to support early intervention, reduce the number of ‘troubled families’, tackle youth unemployment and increase social mobility and considers how these policies are being implemented at a local level.