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Randomised controlled trial of the ‘Teens and Toddlers’ programme

The Teens and Toddlers (T&T) programme aims to decrease teenage pregnancy by raising the aspirations and educational attainment of 13-17 year old teenagers at most risk of leaving education early, social exclusion and becoming pregnant. It seeks to achieve these aims through:

• Providing practical experience of working with children and developing an appreciation of the enormous privilege, responsibility and hard work involved in having a child.
• Raising awareness of the personal and financial responsibilities implied by an unexpected pregnancy through developing an understanding of the impact of a child on family life and personal lifestyle.
• Encouraging the development of alternative goals to being pregnant, such as satisfying work and relationships.
• Educating teens about the realities of pregnancy, the importance of sexual responsibility and the effects of harmful behaviours (such as drugs and violence) and health related factors - from foetus to neonate to child.
• Providing one-to-one counselling and mentoring/coaching to young people who are emotionally challenged and need support, to enhance the outcomes of T&T.
• Providing the knowledge and skills required for successful relationships and sexual responsibility, to prevent conception and protect sexual health.