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The Quality of Silence

Observations of the oppressive societal factors currently obstructing child victims and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse from reporting their abuser, within the European Union

During my award-winning project, the “Road to Change”, I walked ten thousand miles visiting thirty-two European nations raising awareness of child sexual abuse on TV, radio and newspaper in 30 languages, inspiring many survivors to speak out, encouraging international collaboration between organisations and provoking legislative reform. The Scottish government has commissioned me to share my experiences in writing this ‘Think piece’ that could be used to inform policy.

In this dossier, I will share my many observations of best practice, the current situation for child victims and adult survivors and their future prospects, gained from my many encounters with survivors, agencies, police, parliamentarians and government personnel across our continent, and beyond. I will also share my personal journey, from victim to activist, through support from Scotland’s own organisations, police and judicial system.