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Putting People First

A shared vision and commitment to the transformation of Adult Social Care

This landmark protocol seeks to set out and support the Government’s commitment to independent living for all adults. It also outlines the shared aims and values, which will guide the transformation of adult social care. It is unique in establishing a collaborative approach between central and local Government, the sector’s professional leadership, providers and the regulator. It seeks to be the first public service reform programme which is co-produced, co-developed, co-evaluated and recognises that real change will only be achieved through the participation of users and carers at every stage. It recognises that sustainable and meaningful change depends significantly on our capacity to empower people who use services and to win the hearts and minds of all stakeholders’, especially front line staff. Local government will need to spend some existing resources differently and the Government will provide specific funding to support system-wide transformation through the Social Care Reform Grant, in line with agreements on new burdens.