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Putting Patients First

The NHS England business plan for 2013/14 – 2015/16

Our goal is high quality care for all, now and for future generations.

This document builds on Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14, the planning guidance for commissioners. Here, we set out in detail how we will support commissioners to use their valuable public resources to improve quality and secure the best possible outcomes for people. The plan covers a three-year period, but the major emphasis is on the work we will undertake in 2013/14. It will be reviewed in Autumn 2013 and an update published in Spring 2014. This plan provides detail of NHS England’s operating model, explaining how we will deliver our mandate from the government and fulfil our own duty to improve outcomes for people. We will do this through listening, publishing and sharing information, and enabling staff to operate in an environment of trust and transparency.

Recent events have demonstrated the stark realities when standards of care fall woefully short. We in the NHS must all remain vigilant to ensure that patients are never again subjected to such poor quality of care. This is why we must, and will, put people at the heart of everything we do. The overarching theme from the report from Robert Francis QC is clear: a fundamental cultural change is needed in order to put people at the centre of the NHS. This business plan is oriented, in its entirety, towards supporting this cultural change.

We also demonstrate how we at NHS England are committed to transparency, how we will assess our own progress and how we will be accountable for our actions. We set out an 11-point scorecard reflecting our core priorities, against which we will measure our performance and within which two measures take precedence – firstly, direct feedback from patients and their families and secondly getting direct feedback from NHS staff. The friends and family test will ensure patients’ and their families’ voices are heard and used to help us to deliver better services and guarantee no community is left behind or disadvantaged. Our guiding principle for success is receiving positive feedback from patients and NHS staff on whether they would recommend treatment at their hospital to their friends and family.

Our staff will make NHS England an excellent organisation: an exemplar in customer focus, professionalism, rigour and creativity. Grounded by the values and principles of the NHS Constitution, we will share ideas and knowledge, successes and failures, and listen to each other carefully and thoughtfully.