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We fight for you while facing discrimination ourselves

A poem about being a black social worker by Julian Blake

Professional Social Work magazine, 26 October 2020

Inside Out 2, fight 020


The days working from home altogether felt so alone.

Seeing frontline social workers of my colour having to fight, fight the virus, protect patients, fight financial discrimination for our patients who need means of communication; but left with fewer privileges than a public library - perhaps civilisation is a privilege

Those who aren’t considered liabilities or simply an “other” should put their feet in the shoes of another.

No access to society? Where did person-centred social work go?

Social workers working nights while sleep patterns dissolve into an abyss

Due to all the people they mourn.

And yet we fight on, fighting to demand fairness and equality with each human, being nurturing while we see nature fall before us

Broken spirits, societal trauma and powerless rants all discreetfully cradled in our melanated arms.

While I spend these days working from home, it is not as easy as you assume. I hear of other frontline workers of my colour who fight just like me

Like the station worker who was spat in her face

Frontline staff that are fighting for your place in society with skin the same colour as me. Wonder if equality is willing to fit us into the fight to be respectfully part of this “new normal reality”