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Virtually me - a poem for our time

With new lockdowns set to reduce face-to-face visits again, social work poet Peter Unwin put pen to paper

Professional Social Work magazine - 12 October, 2020. Share your COVID-19 experiences here.

Let’s Have a Meeting 2020

Literally Speaking it’s virtually me

Coming through the airwaves magically

No touch, no smell, no sleight of hand

Human contact all but banned

I speak a new language – Platfom Soul

Somewhere in space in

Stephen’s black hole

Zoom me up, Scotty

Mute my voice, Teams

Whereby stifles my silent screams

No joshing no craic, and few tears too

Humour is a tumour in Virtualville

Where now compassion for all our ills?

Upgrade, dropout, raise your hand

Times sure a-changing in this hard land

Peter Unwin, Poet Austeriate, Oct 2020

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