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'The time has come to show who we are'

A poem by BASW member Natalia Phillips penned during Covid-19

Professional Social Work magazine - 4 March, 2021. Share your COVID-19 experiences here.

The time has come to stand up and face

This moment that lingers

In the universe

Like a storm or a thunder

Crashing and banging and teaching us all

How not to surrender

The time has come to show who we are

Those unloved, uncared for, misunderstood

Or simply, those we just moved

From silence to screams, from back to front

To help and fight, remembering that the time for this battle has been right

For so long now

The time that has come is not to fade away

Not to disappear in the darkness of surrender and fear

That for so long we have felt and endured

Possibly thinking that we can all once again be cured

The time has arrived to stand together

Not alone

Against all who know better

To be heard and to listen, to hold hands and be held

And deliver hope that some said we only fake

That we pretend, do not care or we do

But not enough

To bear the disillusion of reality

The (dis)illusion of politics

The abuse of care, love…wait, what?

That we are just a bunch of useless losers

System players and should be stoned with bricks?

Forgotten, replaced, recruited in the name of what?


The time has come to stand up and face

Endure the loneliness and fear with grace

Graciously glimmering in the glorious glare

For better and worse, for health and death

God forbid- DEATH!

We shall always hold your hand

And simply be there.

Natalia Phillips

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