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Covid is loaded - a social worker's poem about practising in a pandemic (for National Poetry Day)

Covid is loaded

By 'Rosie R'

How can we keep our children safe

When the World as we know it has delivered a pace

Of hiding away with no way of seeing

Our children, our families and their very being

Covid has hit us all like a brick

The virus has swarmed and made us so sick

Social Worker visits are virtual, meetings are zoomed

As the families try to function, totally cocooned

How can we say that we have the child’s views

When the screens are our only means of gathering news

The parents are present, the child is not alone

Can we really say that the child’s views are their own?

Our digital work from our sofas is a whole new dimension

Though is this the answer, or does it just cause us tension

Checking in with our children on facetime and screens

“Blankety Blank” squares have become the new meme

Covid is loaded, but where will it end

When the stats are increasing and following a trend

We are now wearing masks and maintaining our distance

Though the pandemic is spreading, its dangers persistent

We need to take stock of human resilience and strength

After the War, the Spanish flu of 1918 was fierce and intense

With no mobile phones, or digital devices

People rose once again from the chaos and crisis

We can do the same