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Charity supporting struggling social workers sees applications soar

Social Workers' Benevolent Trust says professionals are feeling the pressure as cost of living rises...

Published by Professional Social Work magazine, 11 January, 2022

An unprecedented level of appeals for financial help have been made to the Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust.

The charity which supports social workers in need, received 50 applications in December, almost double the number it normally receives, and cited the impact of Covid as partly behind the rise.

It said if the trend continued in 2022, the charity could run out of funds.

Co-chair Su Roxburgh said: “During my time with SWBT there has never been as many as applications for one meeting.

“The applications show social workers are struggling with domestic violence, mental health issues, Covid-related issues. A number were from women needing to return to work after their registration had lapsed which then incurs heavy expenses to re-register, retrain, shadow social workers and meet childcare costs.

“Together these costs add up to almost £1,000 which is double what are normal grant to applicants is.”

The increase in applications comes against a backdrop of rising cost of living and soaring energy prices which are predicted to rise by 50 per cent in April when the price cap is raised. Workers will also be hit by the new social care levy on National Insurance in spring aimed at paying for health and social care reforms.

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