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40,000 social workers at risk of being unable to practise from 1 December

England regulator urges social workers to renew registration 'immediately'...

Image by Christin Hume, Unsplash

By Professional Social Work magazine, 10 November, 2021

Some 40,000 social workers in England risk being unable to legally practise from next month because they haven’t renewed their registration.

With less than three weeks to go before the 30 November deadline, Regulator Social Work England urged those who have not yet completed their annual registration “to do so immediately”.

It said: “The deadline is 30 November and social workers who have not renewed will not be able to practise from 1 December. Renewing right away gives reassurance to their employers, colleagues and the people they support that they will be able to continue to practise.”

According to the regulator, around 40 per cent of the 100,000-strong social work workforce in England has yet to submit their online renewal.

Those missing the 30 November deadline will be required to complete a ‘restoration application’, with an additional fee of £135. 

The renewal process includes submitting at least one example of continuing professional development (CPD) completed during the year.

Wales recently announced social workers who have worked during the pandemic will have met have their CPD requirement.

Philip Hallam, executive director of registration, education quality assurance and legal at Social Work England, acknowledged the additional pressure social workers have been under during Covid.

But he added: “However, registration is a legal requirement and plays a vital role in providing confidence to the public through the process of social workers renewing their registration and demonstrating how they continue to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience.”

Hallam urged social workers in England not to leave applying for renewal “until the last minute”.

He said: “Renewal is a straightforward process - taking action and completing an application now means that you, your employer, and the public can be assured that social workers have taken all the steps needed to be able to continue to practise from 1 December.”

From next year social workers in England will have to submit two examples of CPD instead of one in order to continue to be able to practise under new requirements.

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