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The provision and experience of adoption support services in Wales: Perspectives from adoption agencies and adoptive parents

The level of support for those affected by adoption is inconsistent across Wales.

Of families who receive support, the majority are satisfied, but access to services is perceived as difficult.

Greater investment is needed in adoption support services:

a) There were no dedicated adoption support teams which solely focus on providing support to all parties, including birth families, affected by adoption.
b) There were limited financial resources available for adoption support.
c) Access to specialist training would increase the skills and confidence of all social workers involved in adoption.

Adoption support services should be able to respond to need and available in both the short and longer term:

a) Most adoptive families requested adoption support services several years after the adoption order was granted.
b) Therapeutic services for children with multi-dimensional needs resulting from trauma, abuse/ neglect and attachment difficulties is reported to be particularly needed.
c) The role of the voluntary sector in relation to adoption support should continue to be developed.

The new National Adoption Service provides an opportunity to ensure equity of support provision across