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Proposed Changes to the Child Support Agency Quarterly Summary of Statistics for Great Britain, DWP (2013)

The CSA QSS reports performance against a number of areas. These include key 
performance measures relating to the compliance of cases: maintenance outcomes 
and the number of children benefiting; as well as measures relating to maintenance 
collected, outstanding arrears and caseload. 
The current methodology for compliance based measures and arrears collected is 
done by comparing child maintenance receipts received to scheduled regular and 
arrears charges. There are known issues with the way receipts are allocated to 
schedules on the computer system. Whilst these issues do not affect the flow of 
money to customers they do affect the way collections are reported, in particular 
reported arrears collections within overall collections and arrangements. We are 
therefore proposing to move to a new methodology which will allow us to compare 
receipts with accrued liability. Accrued Liability is the amount of maintenance which 
is required to be collected, regardless of the amount of maintenance requested. 
Changing the methodology in this way will give a more accurate, accounting based 
approach to case compliance, where we can track whether an arrears balance 
increases or decreases, and will reflect more closely the experience of clients. 
We have also taken this opportunity to develop the use of 100% CSCS data, rather 
than the existing 5% sample. This will therefore align all data sources to 100%, thus 
giving more accurate performance data. 
This document outlines the proposed methodological and data source changes, and 
provides an example outline of potential new tables that we plan to introduce in the 
June 2013 CSA QSS publication (due to be published in August 2013).
Closing date: 9th July 2013