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Promoting Debate in Line with BASW Values

BASW gives platforms to a wide range of people within and outside the organisation and social work. Open exchange is part of a democratic society. Through open exchange there is the potential to learn and develop as social workers and come together as diverse individuals in diverse communities.

BASW is not accountable for people’s views. However, we are accountable for the reasoning behind our invitations and how we interact with people we invite. BASW also has an expectation of members that they will follow our Code of Ethics. If there is doubt about this, then our policies help to guide us in a response.

This document draws on the ethical principles from BASW’s Code of Ethics and gives an approach to applying these ethical principles to:

  • Support decision making about who to give a platform to
  • Support challenge if needed to someone who has a platform.
  • Enable transparency about decisions.