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Progress Report on Think Autism: the updated strategy for adults with autism in England

The focus of the work outlined in Think Autism,1 the update to the 2010 autism strategy, was to improve outcomes for people with autism by developing policies that helped local implementation. It crossed many government departments and agencies: from health and social care to employment, education and criminal justice.

This progress report sets autism and the aims of Think Autism in the context of government reform to:

• deliver quality care to those who need it and making a positive impact on people’s health in an efficient way;

• be a core part of health and care delivery; • make sure that people have a good experience of care and services;

• prevent people from having episodes of crisis; • join up better the NHS and social care, and other local partners.

The report sets out progress against each of the 33 Think Autism actions. They are referred to within the text and linked to the list of actions set out in Appendix A. Where appropriate, further actions for the coming 18 months have been agreed to continue momentum and they are set out in each section and at Appendix E.

Within each section, progress has also been highlighted from the latest local authority area autism self-assessment exercise. Each section is introduced by what people with autism said when the autism strategy was being reviewed during 2013/14, to remind the Government and local services that the views of the autism community should be at the centre of all that we do. Case studies, including summaries of Autism Innovation Fund projects, are also included to illustrate good practice and innovative approaches.