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PROGAR’S written submission on the Government’s Response to the Report of the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the first Human Fertilisation & Embryology (HF & E) Act 2008 (Remedial) Order 2018 and on the revised HF & E Act 2008 (Remedial) Order 2018

1.1 PROGAR welcomes the Government’s response to the JCHR report on the first Remedial Order laid earlier this year.

1.2 PROGAR supports the decision to use a Remedial Order to seek to extend eligibility to single people to apply for a Parental Order in respect of a child born as a result of surrogacy arrangements to whom they are genetically related.

1.3 Further, PROGAR supports the Government’s recognition of the situation that might arise should an adult who is the genetic parent of a surrogate-born child wish to make a sole application for a Parental Order for the reasons set out in 3.7-3.9 of the Government’s response. We therefore support the change in the recently laid, revised Remedial Order to enable this to happen in the small number of cases where it might apply. It will, of course, be important to ensure that this does not provide a back door for someone who was not an Intended Parent at the start of the process to acquire legal parenthood status.

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