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Positive for Youth: Progress since December 2011

Positive for Youth set out a vision of the way in which young people should be supported to realise their potential through the combined efforts of their families, their local communities and the State. It was a joint statement, development by nine Government Departments, working closely with local government and the wider youth sector, and informed throughout by young people themselves. Key to the vision of Positive for Youth is that all those working with young people should accept a stake in their futures – and that young people themselves should inform decisions, shape provision and inspect quality.

The Positive for Youth vision focusses on supporting success rather than preventing failure. Too often, society focuses on the negative aspects of young people – crime, unemployment and engagement with risky behaviours – and forgets the positive contributions of the majority.

Positive for Youth sets out a vision for the long term, shifting cultural norms and returning power to young people, their families and communities. This document aims to provide a snapshot of progress to date and exemplify the great work going on across the country as a call to action for young people and all those who work with them to keep their sights set high.