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Policy Statement: Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education, and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

The Secretary of State for Education confirms the Government’s ambition to support all young people to stay safe and prepare for life in modern Britain by making Relationships Education (Primary), Relationships and Sex Education (RSE - Secondary) and, subject to the outcome of a thorough consideration of the subject, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE - both) statutory in all schools. The government laid an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill on 1 March 2017 which we intend to come into effect from September 2019.

The Secretary of State confirmed that she was actively considering the case for further action on these subjects in September 2016 to the Education Select Committee, underlining the government’s commitment to explore all options to drive improvement. The amendment is the result of careful consideration of the evidence on mandating teaching, and embedding improvements, in these subjects.

The Chairs of 5 Select Committees wrote to the Secretary of State in November 2016 to call for further action on these subjects. The government acknowledges the important work of these Chairs and their respective Committees in bringing together the evidence supporting further consideration of the case for change.