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Personalisation: A Shared Understanding

A Personalised Commissioning Approach to Support and Care Services

Personalisation through participation isn’t rocket science! But it can change the way public services are delivered and how engaged people and communities are in that. It is a key pillar of the public service reform agenda as well as Changing Lives and other policy priorities across social care such as Shifting the Balance of Care and Self-Directed Support through Direct Payments.

The purpose of thispaper is to provide a statement of what personalisation is, what the application of this approach can achieve and indicate the key areas that need to be considered in the development and implementation of this approach.

This provides the context for the work being taken forward by the Service Development Group as part of the Changing Lives programme. Hopefully it will also provide a stimulus for everyone who plays a part in how and what service and support people can access to consider whether current practice reflects this approach and, if not, what can be done to change that at every level.