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Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey (ASCS)

This report contains England level findings from the Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey (ASCS). User experience information is critical for understanding the impact of services, for enabling service user choice and for informing service development.

The eligible population for this survey covers all service users aged 18 and over in receipt, at the point that data are extracted, of long-term support services provided or commissioned by the council or an NHS health partner under Section 75 Agreements and part of a care/support plan following an assessment of need.

The survey asks service users questions about quality of life and what impact care and support services have on their quality of life. It also collects information about self-reported general health and well-being and these themes are covered in the six sections of the questionnaire:

  • Overall Satisfaction with Care and Support
  • Quality of Life
  • Knowledge and Information
  • Your Health
  • Layout of Home and Surrounding Area
  • Help from Others

This report focuses on some of the key findings from the mandatory questions from the survey and includes: a summary on information about the service users, an overarching question on satisfaction, the general health of the service user, a view on social contact and feeling safe, feelings on choice and control over services and analysis on questions which have notable changes to the previous year.

Details of all mandatory questions and the optional questions (which Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs) can choose to use) are included as part of the associated data files.