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The performance of the NHS in England in transforming children's mental health services

One of the biggest problems facing the children and young people’s mental health care sector is the lack of robust data on critical issues such as funding, access to services, and waiting times. This lack of information across the system has hampered politicians and NHS leaders in their ambition to increase access to services and improve standards. It has also limited both public understanding of trends and the quality of public debate.

In order to address this problem, NHS England has published a ‘Dashboard’ to act as a barometer of performance in implementing their mental health strategy, the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. In this report, the Education Policy Institute has analysed the Dashboard and identified early indications of progress and challenges in the transformation of children and young people’s mental health care in this country.

Our analysis shows wide variation in performance across the country. There is much more to do, both to improve the quality of data and to deliver the children’s mental health services to which the country aspires.