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People who pay for care: quantitative and qualitative analysis of self-funders in the social care market

Both the Government’s Vision for Adult Social Care and the new social care sector partnership agreement Think Local, Act Personal recognise the importance of working in future to support all people who receive social care, including those who fund themselves.

The two reports contained in this document provide the latest position on selffunders. The first, Estimating the number and distribution of self-funders of care in England is a quantitative analysis of the number of people who self-fund. The second Journeys without maps is a qualitative analysis of the current experience of a sample of self funders.

Whilst the number of self-funders remains difficult to quantify, it is clear that they represent a very significant and growing proportion of ‘users’ of care and support services. Councils and providers must give greater focus to the needs of this growing group, particularly given the evidence regarding the absence of information, advice and support identified in the M. Henwood report Journeys without maps.