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Overseen but often overlooked: Children and Young People ‘Looked After at Home’ in Scotland

Report 3: Exploring service provision

This report is part of a series of documents outlining the findings of a study funded by Barnardo’s Scotland and conducted by researchers from the Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland.

- This document is Report 3; it explores what we learned in this study in relation to provision of services for children and young people currently or previously on home supervision. In this document we include findings from different strands of the study including the survey, interviews and service case studies where relevant. We cover the types of services responding to the survey along with the numbers and groups of children served (including age ranges). Results include the proportion of children on home supervision or previously looked after at home who use the services, the types of outcomes that services address in their work with
children and young people, and current plans to make service changes. This report is accompanied by a separate document (Annex 3a) which contains more detailed descriptions of five services which provide examples of a range of supports for children and young people on or formerly on home supervision. These small case studies are important; they provide valuable real-life context, illustrate some of the challenges faced by children and provide examples of how providers are responding to these.

- Report 1 in this series describes the findings of a literature review undertaken to identify what research has been conducted into the unique needs, outcomes and experiences of children and young people looked after at home.

- Report 2 focuses on what the study learned about the nature and extent of needs and outcomes of children and young people currently or previously on home supervision. Report 2 also provides the background to the study and describes the research methods used.