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Oct 2013 - BASW Response to DfE Consultation on Registration of Providers of Social Work Services


The Government is seeking views on a set of regulations around fitness and registration that will apply to organisations that discharge social care functions on behalf of local authorities.  


In January and February of this year the Department consulted on proposals to commence Part 1 of the of the Children and Young Persons Act 2008 (CYPA) to allow all local authorities in England to delegate care functions to external providers of social work services. At the same time the Department consulted on using a Legislative Reform Order to remove the requirement envisaged in the CYPA for these providers to register with Ofsted (


Following scrutiny of the second proposal, the House of Lords Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee concluded it was not appropriate to use a Reform Order to remove the registration requirement. The Government would still prefer to remove this requirement but, mindful of the Committee’s recommendation, and mindful of a sunset provision contained in Part 1 of the CYPA which means that the legislation can no longer have effect if it is not brought into force by November 2013, has decided to proceed with a registration regime for the time being. It is therefore consulting on regulations for registration and fitness that will underpin this regime.

Closing date: 9th October