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Oct 2012 - Report from the Social Work with Adults Group

This report has been written to represent the concerns of members in seminars held in 2011 and the recent survey of social workers reported in the BASW report on the State of Social Work June 2012.i The paper aims to inform a discussion on the role of social workers with adults with other organisations, including TCSW. The paper will also be used to critically appraise discussion on the detailed content on the white paper on reforming care and support and the draft social care billii which will affect the role of social work.

The key concerns of BASW members in adult services are that:

  • Budget cuts in local authorities may lead to or are leading to cuts in the recruitment of social workers despite a rapid increase in work caused mainly demographic factors
  • Social Workers are becoming increasingly involved in crisis management rather than preventive work as eligibility criteria tighten
  • An increase in bureaucracy and reduction in autonomy and performance management resulting in social workers spending up to 80% of their time inputting into computers
  • Information systems are often poorly designed and there is unnecessary duplication with health systems
  • The role of social workers in multi-disciplinary teams has diminished.