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November 2011 - BASW England Consultation Response to HPC consultation on Proficiency Standards for Social Workers

BASW has consulted with members about the consultation on the standards for proficiency for social work, in anticipation of the transfer of regulation of social work from the GSCC to the HPC in July 2011. BASW welcomes the opportunity to comment on the HPC proposals and looks forward to continuing to work with the HPC in a productive and on-going way.

BASW also recognise the standards of proficiency need to be read and understood alongside The HPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. We understand that these standards will be subject for a review next year and will be pleased to contribute to that review. We anticipate particularly that we would want to comment on some of the language, which clearly doesn’t reflect the language used in social work. BASW is at this stage broadly supportive of the Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.