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Noticing the Change

A Framework of Outcomes for Young People - in practice

This report contains an overview of the process and learning undertaken by three youth organisations which agreed to pilot an outcomes approach in their work with young people, as set out in The Young Foundation’s 2012 report A Framework of Outcomes for Young People.

The Framework outlined a new way of thinking about planning, monitoring and evaluating work with young people in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for them, enabling providers of youth services to respond better to the increasing focus on outcomes from funders and commissioners. In a time of scarce resources and cutbacks, youth organisations are finding that evidencing the impact of their work is more important than ever before.

The report sets out the experiences of our three pilot organisations in order to help others who are just beginning their outcomes journey.

Based on their successes and challenges, we propose ten tips for implementing an outcomes approach within your organisation’s thinking about planning and evaluation. We also consider wider implications for the sector as a whole.