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No place for bullying: Report Summary

How schools create a positive culture and prevent and tackle bullying

A wide body of research indicates that bullying is a problem for many young people, and that some of this takes place in schools. The aim of this survey was to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions that schools take to create a positive school culture and to prevent and tackle bullying. A large part of the survey focused on pupils’ own experiences and understanding of bullying and its effects. Inspectors considered how well pupils understood the school’s expectations of their behaviour. They talked with pupils about what they thought they should do if they were bullied in school, whether they had been bullied while at their current school, and how well they thought the school dealt with bullying. Inspectors also explored pupils’ understanding of discriminatory and derogatory language
Between September and December 2011, Her Majesty’s Inspectors visited 37 primary schools and 19 secondary schools for the main part of the survey. The schools were located in both urban and rural areas and varied in size and type. At their previous Ofsted inspection none had been judged to be inadequate. Altogether, inspectors held formal discussions with 1,357 pupils and 797 staff.