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No Health Without Mental Health: Implementation Framework.

No health without mental health, a cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages
(“the strategy”) was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, in February 2011. The Strategy sets a clear and compelling vision for improving mental health and wellbeing in England. his implementation framework (“the framework”) embraces the vision of No health without mental health and takes it to the next level: translating the ideals into concrete actions that can be taken by a wide range of local organisations to bring about real and measurable improvements in mental health and wellbeing for people across the country.
We know that that improving mental health and wellbeing is not something government can do alone. Achieving our shared vision to put mental health on a par with physical health means ensuring people can access the support and treatment they need, but it also means doing more to tackle stigma and improve attitudes to mental health across the whole of society – including local services, businesses and communities.
That is why a wide range of partners has worked together to produce a framework that really works for organisations on the ground. This framework includes not only clear, practical ideas for how different organisations can make the vision a reality, but also real-life examples of how some organisations are already making a difference in practice – all grounded in evidence of what really works. The framework focuses on improving outcomes, quality and value for money, and making sure that people who use mental health services, their families and carers, are fully involved in all parts of mental health services, contributing to the goal of “no decision about me, without me”. Some of the suggestions may seem simple, but sometimes simple changes have the biggest potential to improve people’s lives