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NIASW 2011 Response to the DHSSPSNI Draft Budget 2011-2015: Settlement and Proposals

NIASW, the Northern Ireland Ireland Association of Social Workers welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Draft Budget for the Northern Ireland Assembly.

As you may be aware NIASW, part of BASW UK, is the professional Social Work body in Northern Ireland and we represent over 13,000 Social Workers across the UK. We have been campaigning locally and nationally for all Social Work services to be acknowledged as ‘frontline’ and to be protected from further budgetary cuts in the Comprehensive Spending Review. NIASW would be very concerned by this draft budget, regarding the protection for Health (as in England) without the same protection for Social Care. In Northern Ireland we have an acknowledged model of best practice in our integrated Health and Social Care service, it would be a retrograde step if we allowed this model to be damaged by such actions.