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Working with patients and the public: designing care around your population's needs

Presentations from the King's Fund event. The need to engage the public in changes that affect their health care services is vital, but it is not always easy to do. This event, run in partnership with NHS Clinical Commissioners and National Voices, was for people leading local health care service redesigns to help them understand what good public engagement looks like.

17th November 2017

Evidence doesn’t work in the migration public debate

Since 2015, British people have become more positive towards immigration, but their views are more complex than you might think. This recent finding from Ipsos MORI seems to contradict the current prolific and polarising debate around this question. You must be either for immigration, enthusiastic about the positive economic and cultural effects of enhanced movement and integration, or against, fearful of the impact of the ‘other’ on your way of life and convinced that any new entrants would unfairly get valuable and scarce resources.

14th November 2017

Children and young people: rights to citizenship

The University of Bristol Law School has developed an online resource to provide clarity for young people, parents and professionals about what British citizenship is and the registration process.

14th November 2017

One in 10 children 'damaged' by parental alcohol abuse

The lives of an estimated 700,000 young people are being damaged because they live with a parent who abuses alcohol, a charity survey has warned.

14th November 2017

Live streaming resources

Thinkuknow has launched #Liveskills a package of resources focusing on live streaming, aimed at professionals working with primary and secondary school aged children and their parents and carers. Issues covered include: the types of tactics offenders use on live streaming platforms; skills to think critically about the people they meet online; identifying and responding to pressure and manipulation online; and understanding online sexual abuse and sources of support. Registration is needed to access the free resources.

14th November 2017

Police dealing with rising number ‘sexting’ cases involving children

Data from police forces shows a surge in children sharing or possessing sexual images of themselves or others - with over 6200 incidents reported this year - an increase of 131 per cent from 2014/2015.

14th November 2017

Racial disparity in mental health: challenging false narratives

Nuwan Dissanayaka reflects on the impact of prejudice and outdated narratives about African-Caribbean people in mental health services.

9th November 2017

Gaming: resources for parents and carers

The UK Safer Internet Centre has published a leaflet for parents and carers providing information and advice about online gaming, and how to help support children and young people enjoy online games positively and safely.

31st October 2017

NSPCC’s Knowledge and information service: library

The NSPCC’s children’s services hub on the Guardian website features a blog looking at the NSPCC Knowledge and information service and ways in which the library supports research in child protection.

30th October 2017

Improving access to social housing for victims of domestic abuse: consultation

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is seeking views on proposals for new statutory guidance to local authorities to assist victims of domestic abuse in England living in refuges and other forms of safe temporary accommodation, to access social housing. The consultation closes on 05 January 2018.

30th October 2017

Talking leadership: Chris Naylor on integrating physical and mental health care Talking leadership: Chris Naylor on integrating physical and mental health care

To achieve the vision described in the NHS five year forward view, the NHS needs to adopt more integrated approaches to physical and mental health. The Fund’s Integrating physical and mental health care learning network aims to accelerate that process, helping senior clinicians and managers to work together to overcome common challenges and learn from best practice. The King's Fund talked to Chris Naylor, Senior Fellow, about the network and how it helps to translate a policy ambition to new models of care.

26th October 2017

Future of commissioning

This one-day event aimed to help NHS and social care commissioners understand how commissioning is changing in response to the move towards sustainability and transformation partnerships, and accountable care systems and organisations. PDFs of presenters' slides are available from The King's Fund events app, which you can download on to your smartphone or tablet.

26th October 2017

This week saw the launch of important new research into the need for mental health services to deal with the trauma of domestic violence.

The study was carried out by Dr Nadia Mantovani Senior Researcher at St George’s University of London and Dr Ruth Allen, Chief Executive of the British Association of Social Workers (formerly of SWLSTG Mental Health Trust and St George’s University). The research was funded by NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group to examine the association between mental health needs and experience of domestic violence and child abuse. National and international research shows close links between the development of mental health problems and exposure to violence and trauma. It also shows that people with mental health problems are more at risk of experiencing domestic violence and of being repeatedly harmed. Nationally, reports of domestic violence are on the increase. It can lead to many poor health and social outcomes including complex mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and unemployment. The Wandsworth study looked at the recorded experiences of 342 women and men using South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust services and held focus group discussions with domestic violence survivors as well as mental health and domestic violence practitioners.

25th October 2017

Social care commentary: protecting disabled children

Ofsted's National Director, Social Care, Eleanor Schooling discusses effective practices to safeguard disabled children.

23rd October 2017

Learning from new care models here and abroad: making accountable care happen

See the highlights from The King's Fund's recent event for those working towards integrating health and care services, including presentations from Jim Mackey, Vince Barry and Al Mulley.

13th October 2017

Digital citizenship: young peoples’ rights on social media

The Children’s Commissioner for England has launched child-friendly guides and teacher resources, developed with TES and the law firm Schillings, to help children to understand what they are signing up to when they use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

2nd October 2017

Speaking out about abuse

The Guardian reports on a free online resource, based on the children’s book Share some secrets, which aims to help children identify the difference between good and troublesome secrets.

1st October 2017

Survey into young people’s mental health

The McPin Foundation is carrying out an online survey on young people’s mental health. They would like to hear from 11-25-year-olds with experience of mental health issues; their parents or carers; professionals working with young people; or those with an interest in the mental health of young people.

25th September 2017

What does the public think about the NHS? The survey results are in

Do the public believe NHS services should be maintained, even if this means paying more tax? Do they still believe in its founding principles? What do they see as their responsibility when it comes to their own health? See the results from the survey the King's Fund commissioned from Ipsos MORI. And in the first of a series of guest blogs, Aneira Thomas – the first baby born on the NHS – shares her views on its past and its future.

21st September 2017

What is commissioning and how is it changing?

Commissioning is the process by which health and care services are planned, purchased and monitored. In this piece the King's Fund looks at the commissioning process in more detail, the organisations involved and how it is changing.

21st September 2017

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