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National Strategy for the Policing of Children & Young People

In this strategy we have set out our key principles which we believe are important when policing children and young people. In order to provide focus, we have aligned the strategy with the four priority areas identified within the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children Report “Its all about trust; building good relationships between children and the police.” They are;

- Stop and search
- Looked after children (children in care)
- Detention, custody and criminalisation of children and young people
- The relationship between young people and the police

Youth crime continues to fall but too many young people are still becoming victims and suffering harm. It is essential that we work, alone and with partners, to intervene early and prevent harm to children and young people. Recognising their vulnerability is an important part of this work.

I urge you to read this strategy, but more importantly take action. A core role for policing is to protect the vulnerable in our society. All forces need to use this strategy
to better serve those who are vulnerable through age - it will make a difference to all children and young people across the country. Children and young people are not “mini-adults” and the better our policing for them is now, the less they may need us in the future. Every interaction leaves a mark and we need to think carefully about what sort of mark that is. In our time of increasingly prioritised policing effort, this strategy will help forces focus on what is essential and what works.