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National Parenting Strategy

Making a positive difference to children and young people through parenting

The strategy builds on the huge amount of excellent work already underway at national and local level, bringing it together to add clear leadership, greater coordination of efforts and fresh momentum. In doing so we want to ensure that, despite the tough economic climate, improving the life chances of children remains a priority for Scotland.

Shaped by extensive research and engagement with a diverse group of over 1,500 parents and practitioners from across Scotland, the National Parenting Strategy addresses the key issues faced by today’s parents. In short, the need to:

  • Ensure all parents have easy access to clear, concise information on everything from pregnancy to the teenage years and beyond
  • Offer informed, coordinated support to enable parents to develop their parenting skills, whatever their need, wherever they live, whether they live together or apart
  • Take steps to improve the availability of – and access to – early learning, childcare and out-of-school care, taking into account parents in rural areas and those who work irregular hours
  • Provide targeted support to families facing additional pressures that impact on day-to-day parenting
  • Acknowledge and address the wider issues that can affect parents’ abilities to provide a nurturing environment and care for their child.