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National Forum on Drug -Related Deaths in Scotland: Annual Report 2013

This is the sixth report of the Forum and reflects on the important work done by the members and their associated organisation in 2013. The work of the Forum extends into many areas of clinical practice, public health and drug policy as well as scrutinising organisations closely associated with drug users. The Forum has taken an interest in the criminal justice system, police and prison activity and the work of other advisory groups such as the Scottish Drug Strategy Delivery Commission. Representatives from other groups with an interest are included in our meetings and represent important sectors affected by drug taking. Such organisations are Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs, Scottish Drugs Forum and Volunteers groups. The intention of the Forum is to extend its enquiry into any area which might illuminate causes of death among drug users and indicate changes which might reduce the numbers at risk. Although the Forums’ recommendations are usually directed at the Government, health boards, Alcohol & Drug partnerships and other public institutions, the complex social nature of the issue is such that drug deaths prevention is everyone’s business.