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National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation: Progress Report 2017/18

Child sexual exploitation is child abuse, and Scotland’s commitment and response is set out in the National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation, published in 2014 and updated in 2016.

The action plan acknowledges that we all have a responsibility and contribution to make in helping to deliver an effective response to those who may be at risk of or victims of child sexual exploitation, and as such the actions span national and local government, statutory sector, third sector and voluntary agencies.

The role of the community itself cannot be underestimated in contributing to the overall response, in the identification and reporting that a child or young person may be at risk of or a victim of child sexual exploitation.The revised definition of child sexual exploitation firmly sets this form of abuse within the wider context of child sexual abuse. As with the definition, the response to tackle child sexual exploitation should also be seen in a wider context, in terms of keeping children safe and allowing them to reach their full potential.