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More Care, Less Pathway: A review of The Liverpool Care Pathway

Developed from a model of care successfully used in hospices, the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) is a generic approach to care for the dying, intended to ensure that uniformly good care is given to everyone thought to be dying within hours or within two or three days, whether they are in hospitals, nursing homes, or in their own homes.

Because of substantial criticism of the LCP in the media and elsewhere, Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care Support, asked Baroness Julia Neuberger to chair a panel to review of the use and experience of the LCP in England, to be kept independent of Government and the NHS. The Review considered evidence from many quarters: written submissions from members of the public and health professionals with experience of the LCP, as well as professional bodies and other organisations; a review of academic literature; a review of relevant hospital complaints; and surveys of health professionals. The panel also met members of the public at four sessions, to hear directly from them their experiences of the LCP.