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Monitoring places where children are deprived of liberty

Practical guide

This Guide is the main outcome of the project “Children’s Rights Behind Bars”. The origin of this project derived from the statement that monitoring mechanisms that carry out visits to the different kind of places where children are deprived of their liberty (in Europe), had no child specific Guidelines that could be used as a particular reference in the preparation, implementation and follow up of their monitoring visits. The project therefore aims to provide monitoring professionals with a practical and methodological tool that is specific to children and to places where they are deprived of their liberty. In order to conceive this Guide in the most pragmatic manner possible, the project was designed so that it began with field research conducted in parallel in 13 EU countries and in Serbia to get an overview of practices and functioning of existing monitoring and complaint mechanisms.

This research study resulted in 14 national reports as well as a European overview summary thereof. The Guide is therefore based on these achievements and on the expertise, multidisciplinary competences, reflections, and work carried out jointly by the whole project team at three international seminars and through numerous exchanges between partners and the contributions of experts throughout the project.