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Monitoirng poverty and social exclusion 2013

Table 1 presents a summary of the indicators in the report. Where possible, it looks at changes over the last five and ten years, though the data does not always allow for this.

The assessment of whether an indicator is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ is in part a statistical judgement. When the choice is unclear, we err on the side of caution and label it unchanged.

Overall, 15 of 37 indicators have improved over the last five years and 15 have got worse. Many of the improvements are found in the health and education sections. Many of the deteriorations are in the work and benefits sections. Going back five years means we are comparing current data with the eve of the recession; many of the economic indicators have deteriorated markedly since. Over the longer term, the picture is similar. Of 34 available indicators 16 have improved and 13 have got worse.