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The Migrant journey: fourth report

Understanding the processes that migrants go through when they decide to stay in the UK or switch their status helps to inform the Government’s proposals for changes to the rules for settlement, and permanent and temporary migration routes.

The findings presented here are based on combining data collected from 2 UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) databases. These databases hold records of individuals granted entry clearance visas, and any subsequent grants of extensions of stay in the UK. Findings are extended to migrants issued a visa during 2007.

This report updates analysis from The Migrant Journey – Third Report published in February 2013; and presents the data in two different and complementary ways, providing information on a forward-view and backward-view analysis of the extent to which migrants achieve settlement in the UK or are recorded as still having valid leave to remain. The data presented in this report relate to all cases (main applicant and dependants combined) and the supplementary tables separately identify all cases, by main applicants and by dependants.