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Mental Health at Work Report 2016

National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey Findings 2016

This is a landmark survey which gives us an extraordinary opportunity: by listening to the voices of employees and managers, employers are able to fundamentally change the way that businesses approach mental wellbeing in the workplace.

There is not only a moral urgency for acting on mental health but there is also a clear business case for doing so. As the Chief Executive of a major employer, I understand that we must act now to address mental health as actively and effectively as we do physical health. This will lead to improved lives for millions more people, as well as more productive, competitive and progressive businesses for the long term.

The significant role of line managers and the support they need to do their job well is expressed in clear terms in this survey. So too is the need for clear and decisive leadership to create organisational cultures that drive positive change. It is great to see so many of the priorities that Business in the Community has set backed up by robust evidence through this survey.

These findings are just the beginning. This is a three year process, with the same questions being asked of employees again over the next two years. Each year we can see where we are collectively making a difference and what is having an impact, but we can also identify problems that need to be resolved. The longevity of the study is therefore an important signal in itself, showing how the businesses and organisations that have collaborated to make this survey and report possible are committed to working together over the long-term to ensure we collectively improve employee mental wellbeing.

There are already many inspiring steps being taken by businesses to address workplace mental health and we are really excited to see what other innovations and commitments emerge as a result of this pioneering survey. Many businesses talk about their people being their greatest asset – now is the time to prove it.