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Mental Health in Scotland - a 10-year vision: analysis of responses to the public engagement exercise

This summary presents the key messages from the analysis of responses to the Scottish Government‟s engagement exercise about a new Mental Health Strategy
for Scotland.

The new Mental Health Strategy is intended to cover a 10-year period. The framework on which respondents were asked to comment sets out the priorities that the Scottish Government thinks will deliver significant improvements to the mental health of the population of Scotland. It is organised around life stages: Start Well; Live Well; and Age Well. The framework sets out 8 Priorities that the Scottish Government has identified for the next Strategy. These are:

1. Focus on prevention and early intervention for pregnant women and new mothers.
2. Focus on prevention and early intervention for infants, children and young people.
3. Introduce new models of supporting mental health in primary care.
4. Support people to manage their own mental health.
5. Improve access to mental health services and make them more efficient, effective and safe – which is also part of early intervention.
6. Improve the physical health of people with severe and enduring mental health problems to address premature mortality.
7. Focus on ‘All of Me’: Ensure parity between mental health and physical health.
8. Realise the human rights of people with mental health problems.

A total of 598 responses were available to inform the analysis. The majority of responses, 61%, were submitted by individual members of the public. The remaining 39% of responses were submitted by groups or organisations, including health organisations, local authorities, multi-agency partnerships, third sector organisations and service user or carer groups.

Many of the submissions made were both lengthy and detailed, and this analysis focuses on the most frequently raised themes and issues.