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Mental Health and Wellbeing in Europe and Scotland

• Mental disorders account for 43% of social welfare benefits and disability pensions in Scotland, (second highest to Denmark 44%)
• Almost 9 out of 10 of people suffering from mental health problems say they have been affected by stigma and discrimination, and more than 7 out of 10 report that stigma and discrimination stopped them from doing things.
• About half of all mental disorders start before the age of 14. Cost-effective interventions exist, but less than 1% of mental health budgets are spent on prevention.
• Only about 50% of people suffering from mental disorders receive professional help; far fewer receive adequate help.
• Unemployment amongst people with long term mental health problems ranges from 70-82% across Europe.
• People with mental disorders tend to die at earlier ages than the general population: often more than 20 years younger. The main factor is the high prevalence of chronic diseases.