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Mental Health and Growing Up Factsheets

Does your child throw embarrassing temper tantrums in public?
Are you worried about your best friend who has become preoccupied with food, yet skips meals?
Is there a child in your class who seems to have no concentration and is always causing trouble?

These factsheets may be able to help. These short, simply written and easily understandable information sheets offer parents, teachers and young people practical and up-to-date information on what you can do if you are worried about your child, a pupil or a friend.

There are 46 different factsheets covering a wide range of emotional, behavioural and mental health problems that often affect children and young people. Each factsheet explains what the problem might be, the possible causes and effects, gives tips to help you deal with it, outlines the treatments available, gives the best available evidence, and shows how and where to get help and further information. Many include real-life case studies.

  • Each factsheet can be photocopied (free of charge) for use as handouts for patients, young people, pupils, parents or friends.
  • Completely revised and expanded edition.


  1. Primary healthcare profressionals (General Practictioners, practice nurses, community nurses, etc.) or members of the mental health team.
  2. Any professional working with children and young people (teachers, school nurses, social workers, etc.).
  3. Parents, anyone caring for a child or young person and young people themselves.