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Measuring health vulnerabilities

Technical Paper 5 in Children’s Commissioner project on vulnerable children

Aldaba (‘we’) was tasked by the Children’s Commissioner Office (‘the Commissioner’) to review the information available in the public domain in relation to the health of vulnerable children (‘the review’).

The scope included England in 2016, or the most recent year available in the information sources. Figure 1, below, shows the distribution of all under-18s living in England in 2015, by age.

The Commissioner provided a list of 32 groups of vulnerable children, which is included in Table 1, below. The three health related groups were:
> Group 9: Children with special educational needs and disabilities
> Group 10: Children with mental health difficulties
> Group 11: Children with physical health issues

The aim of our review was to take stock of the quantitative estimates of:

1. prevalence: numbers of children in groups 9, 10 and 11; and
2. outcomes: likelihood of children in all 32 groups experiencing health related vulnerabilities.