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May 2012 - BASW England Consultation Response to Law Commission consultation on Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals

BASW welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on the Law Commission, The Scottish Law Commission and the Northern Ireland Law Commission consultation on health and social care regulatory legislation. BASW can only really comment on social work regulation in the UK, which varies across the four UK countries. As the consultation paper argues however the principles of regulation and the role of the regulator have much in common across the countries. England has been most affected by the recent change in pending change of regulator from the GSCC to the HCPC. BASW’s comments will therefore by mainly confined to the impact on social workers in England. The change to the HCPC has highlighted a number of issues in terms of the role of the regulator and has raised awareness of the differences between the GSCC and HCPC. Some of the differences are perhaps cultural, but others appear to be because these two regulatory organisations have different policy and legal frameworks. It is too soon to comment in detail about the impact on social workers, so comments are confined to the possible impact and perceptions of that.