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Making our Communities Ready for Ageing: A call to action

Over the past six months, ILC-UK and Age UK have worked together with academics and opinion formers to take a futures perspective on understanding the evidence about how communities need to adapt to an ageing society. Our aim was to promote the need for policy makers, journalists and opinion formers to better understand the evidence and to focus on solutions to ensure communities are ready for ageing. We focussed on three main themes: At home. How to ensure that our homes support our ability to engage in the community?

Getting out and about. How to ensure that the space and services (for example transport) between the home and the broader community facilitate engagement?
Ensuring communities offer what older people want. How to ensure that future communities deliver the sort of services and activities that an ageing society demands?
Alongside this final report we have discussed these issues with experts, published evidence briefings and opened the debate out to the public.