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Making it Real for Young Carers

Young carers all too often go unnoticed and don’t get the help and support they need to prevent them undertaking inappropriate caring and have a good life. No care or support package for a parent or sibling should rely on excessive or inappropriate caring by a young carer to make it sustainable.

If we are thinking about making personalisation real, then everyone in the family needs to be listened to, recognised, respected and supported and this includes young people who take on caring responsibilities for family members.

The Government’s Care Bill emphasises the need for a whole family approach to assessment and support planning. Looking at the needs of the whole family means being mindful of the caring roles that many young people take on within their families, looking at the support they need to live their lives and supporting their parents in their parenting roles.

Making it Real for young carers has been co-produced with young carers. Each of the six themes has been explored with them through words and illustration to explain what is important to them. This document has been written in young carers’ own words. We are very grateful to all the young carers who shared their experience and knowledge to help get recognition and a better deal for all young carers across the country.